Friday, March 13, 2009

fall of the phoenix

Phish kicked off a tour last weekend here in Hampton, and lo and behold, the city was absolutely inundated with the Phish clientele. The local Wal-Mart parking lot (which is right next to the Coliseum, where they were playing) was chock-full of RVs, VW camper vans, and old buses. In fact, just a little ways down the road from my apartment I saw a sign in front of a rather dingy-looking establishment that proudly stated, "PHISH PHANS PARK HERE!" The venue is at least three miles away. It therefore came as no surprise to find out that Hampton PD was out in force all weekend. Apparently, they were very busy.

I never had a game console as a kid, instead we were the first on our block to have a computer, and later the Internet. As a result I grew up playing Wolfenstein 3D and Day of the Tentacle instead of the Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong Country. All well and fine, but sometimes I wish I did have a Super Nintendo, just like I wish I had some Power Wheels. And now, my wishes may have been granted. Of course, I'd have to buy the cartridges, too. I fear it may be like my desire to own a record player -- if I get one, I'd have to start collecting records. Why are all the fun hobbies expensive?

And now, a reminder of why Flight of the Conchords are awesome:

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