Tuesday, March 3, 2009

we'll be right back

A couple of posts ago I made a reference to Legends of the Hidden Temple. This, coupled with recently watching some old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes with my friend Mike, have reignited my nostalgia for the television shows that I used to watch (and in some instances, still do).

I have many fond memories of my early childhood, and a lot of those involved watching Saturday morning cartoons on ABC, CBS, PBS, and the Disney Channel (yay for cable!). I probably owe a lot to the Children's Television Workshop. There are of course the usual suspects -- TV shows that probably everyone knows about. But there are plenty of more obscure shows that I am equally, if not more, fond of. These are what I think is missing from TV today. As I got older, they shows changed, and even then I sensed that their quality was slowly decreasing.

Then again, I don't really watch TV anymore -- with a couple of exceptions -- so what do I know? After all, Sesame Street is still going strong, and there are a few channels that will air reruns every now and then of older shows. But I have to wonder if kids watching Saturday morning cartoons (do they still have those, and if so, are they getting up early to watch them like I did, or are they just playing Halo?) will remember them with the same fondness that I do:

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